UNICUS Secure Communications solution comprises the following:

You are a carrier of secrets – is your phone as well?

These days, tapping into telephone calls made via landline or mobile phone is easier than ever. And with a little technical know-how, anyone can fake a caller ID.
In reality you can never really be sure who you are speaking to – or if your conversation is being tapped. Regardless of whether you are using the office phone or if you are on the go with your mobile phone: Can you really afford to exchange sensitive information and confidential data in such an unsecure environment?

SecuVOICE Secures Your Voice Communication

Make phone calls as you normally would – but be absolutely secure from now on: with SecuVOICE, the hardware-encrypted cryptography solution for all phones. All calls between SecuVOICE participants are encrypted in such a way that spies have absolutely no chance of understanding the contents.
At the same time, SecuVOICE guarantees 100 % authentication of your conversation partner– so you always know who you are talking to. SecuVOICE provides the highest level of security using landline as well as mobile phone networks.

Communication as easy as usual:

  • Usual ease of making phone calls
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Secure telephone conferencing between landline and mobile phones possible

SecuVOICE encryption is so secure and effective that it has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at the VS-NfD (Classified – For official use only) and the “NATO Restricted” security levels. That’s why SecuVOICE is ideal for government authorities and companies which need to reliably protect their information. In addition, Secusmart is the first manufacturer to offer the SNS standard (secure cross network communication) in modern business mobile phones with their SecuVOICE mobile communication solution.

Secure as never before:

  • Hardware solution using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Certificate-based subscriber authentication
  • End-to-end voice encryption using 128 bit AES
  • Fast Diffie-Hellman key agreement (ECDH)
  • Certificate-based key authentication for protection from man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Approved for VS-NfD und NATO Restricted security levels

SecuVOICE Mobile

A suitable Secusmart Security Card is simply inserted into a compatible mobile phone – and now your calls are secure in both mobile phone and landline networks. The only requirement: both conversation partners must be using SecuVOICE. Of course you can always make unsecured calls into any telephone network. A current list of suitable mobile phones can be found at:

SecuVOICE Landline

There are various SecuGATE Crypto Gateways which can make landline connections secure using SecuVOICE:

  • SecuGATE LI 1 – for 1 ISDN-S0 connection
  • SecuGATE LI 4 – for up to 4 ISDN-S0 connections
  • SecuGATE LI 30 – for 1 ISDN-S2M connection (up to 30 parallel voice channels)


Optional conference servers are also possible.

Additional versions are currently in development, even for other type of communication technology, e.g. VoIP.



Some thoughts on Secure Voice Communication



You are protecting:

  • Your PC by Anti-Virus-Programs,
  • Your Servers by Hardware-Firewalls,
  • Your correspondence by envelopes.

Today the most modern and most secure solution is simple in handling and affordable for everyone. Therefore there is no excuse for not closing this information leak of telephony!

  • According to a study of the Austrian BVT (Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung) one in three companies has already fallen victim to an “unintended disclosure of information”.
  • An increasing frequency and simplicity of wiretapping and monitoring by governmental organisations and institutions is already noticeable. > Devices for wiretapping are in the meantime available for comparatively cheap prices.
  • Also, modern cell phones with their sophisticated equipment are vulnerable to attacks like direct bugging of your communication and reaching as far as activating the microphone without your knowing.
  • Everyone can be a victim of wiretapping – even in a small business or private conflict; not to mention routinely performed wiretapping by intelligence services.

Secure Devices:


Click Here to see SecureSMART Classifications (Highest – NATO Restricted)





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