SecuVOICE on BlackBerry 7

Is still available for all those clients that do not want to give away their BB7 devices. And for sure secure voice communication and secure SMS on BlackBerry OS7 and OS7.1 devices, can still be protected via SecuVOICE (in combination with the Secusmart Security card).

SecuVOICE – simple & secure


Making mobile communications secure – is that possible?
Tap-proof SecuVOICE communication with hardware encryption
Change smartphones and landlines to secret sources: With the Secusmart Security Card you can make secure phone calls in the best voice quality. SecuVOICE enables businesses and governments to protect their communications. With SecuVOICE you make tap-proof phone calls and SecuSMS encrypts your SMS.
Amongst the users who use SecuVOICE there is The German Confederation. (The system has become known as the “Merkel-phone”).
The core is the Secusmart Security Card
The card combines hardware-based end-to-end encryption and cryptographically secured subscriber authentication.
Unique quality and simplicity
One of the major benefits (besides unreached crypto technology) is the easy handling and comfortable user interface of SecuVOICE.





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