The South African Post Office has developed a fully operational Trust Centre in the Western Cape that houses the fully fledged South African developed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) including National  “off line” Root Certificates and related Certificate Authorities with the objective of delivering authentication products and services to government, the private sector and the citizens of South Africa. Unicus has been appointed as a distributor for SAPO and the first distributor offering a Server Based PKI.

The Trust Centre Product Range

The Trust Centre provides a full range of PKI products and services which are available with the SAPO Brand or Customer Branded. The Trust centre Products and Applications are full supported.

  • Personal Certificates

These X509(3) Certificates come in four classes. Nl.
Class 1 – Low Assurance 512 bit Certificates
Class 2 – Medium Assurance 1024 bit certificates that are for standard commercial use.
Class 3 – High Assurance, closed community Certificates for commercial use.
Class 4 – the ECT Act compliant Certificates for strong authentication.

  • Server Certificates

These SSL Certificates have strong authentication and secure client servers as well as create encrypted communications sessions for secure electronic communications.

  • Certification Authorities and Registration authorities

Trust Centre hosted and Customer hosted CA’s and RA’s are available in all the Certificate Classes.

  • Related Authentication products and services

The Trust Centre provides consultancy and technical support for existing and potential customers as well as integration and customisation services.

Use of a Legislated Service

The South African Post Office developed the Trust Centre to comply with its legislated mandate to deliver universal services to the citizens of the country in terms of the Postal Services Act and the Post Office’s preferred authentication service provider status in terms of sec of 28(2) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002. 

This legislated service will add legislated status to customer communications, transactions and service delivery services that are affected using the Trust Centre infrastructure and authentication products and services.

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